Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Getting Ready for Blythecon New York!!

Tin, worrying about the weather in New York decided Grannamyra needed an upgrade!! Something fashionable and something to keep the stars from escaping? What would happen if they did? Who could put them back? Maybe She should hire a Knight to protect the gate? Hmmmm...

Sorry about the lack of updates friends, I am working non-stop to try and complete some very ambitious custom blythe dolls, and a GIANT surprise more than ten years in the making.
I hope to see you there!!

Oh and just in case you don`t know who these ladies are:

Grannamyra The Zodiac Gate
Once a beautiful tree sorceress she merged with the stars of the zodiac to lock away a monster deep in a dark forest. She was celebrated as a hero for many years but over time all forgot she existed. Rusted from from tears she could no longer move. Grannamyra watched for the people she loved and saved but after a hundred years she closed her eyes forever.

Zodiac Monkey
Tin-Uva is possibly the smartest of all the zodiac. She has a knack for clockworks, in fact her only friends are clockwork. She Found the rusted old Zodiac Gate and with a few modifications brought her back from the dead.

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