Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blythecon New York featured dolls Tula-Dil and Kai

With the most wonderful assistant anyone could ever ask for, I recently traveled  all the way from  California to New York! I have never been to the city before and wanted to see it all but,  I had one goal in mind... BLYTHECON! I worked for over a year on the characters I presented. And because of some signage issues I unfortunately had to present them without their respective stories! The Above doll is my character Tula-Dil about 20 years 5 years older than her figure set. Her proportions done in blythe style.

Next Up was Kai the Unicorn/Kirin/Capricorn. Imagine what they thought when they check my luggage? :) She stands over 18" tall and has the most articulated neck, tail, ears, legs and arms I have ever made. She can even take another blythe for a ride.

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