Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Revisions, Revisions, Revisions! So this is a first look at the actual production sculpts for Thistle and Tula-Dil! As you can see they are marked with the necessary changes that had to be made before the production started. The changes are as follows: For Tula-Dil 1. The feet are to small. This is an issue with my illustration so the feet have to be made bigger to make her balance and stand properly. 2. Tula-Dil has crazy eyes! Tula-Dil is a soft sweet character and these eyes make her look crazy. They will have to be rounded out more.
3. She can look sweet or timid but not upset or like a duck! This frown and duck-bill is not what I wanted the mouth will be made smaller and she will get a mona lisa smile with cupids bow lips. 4. Tula-Dil is a center part giving her an overall heart shaped head not egg shaped as seen here. 5. This eye is a constant issue. It`s always bigger and buggy. 6. Tula has soft rounded petals around her eyes, not razor sharp leafs of doom! This will be rounded out and perfectly symmetrical. 7. Simple fix Tula-Dil has to have flawless hair. Both sides need to be identical before production. 8. Last but not least where is Tula`s belly button? Will have to add that last.

Lucky for me Thistle had less than half of the revisions Tula-Dil did. 1. That eye is in to far it will need to be brought forward a bit. 2. Thistle`s Chin has three even petals not two! To me this looks a little scrotum-ish and is not acceptable even for a 2" figure. 3. The always missing belly button. Why do Garden have belly buttons if they grow from seeds? Well I think belly buttons are adorable so belly buttons all around! -Ion

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