Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome to the Tula-blog! A home on the internet and the only place you can read follow Tula-Dil and Thistle on their way to being vinyl toys from start to finnish! Above is my first sculpt of Thistle. His body was from a Tyco Quints doll. On the right is the first pain work and on the left you can see the updated colors.

Just like Thistle Tula-Dil was sculpted over an old messed up Eloise doll in 2008. The one on the right is an updated repaint I did this year to better reflect the character and personality of Tula. I wanted to make a doll that reflected the beauty and power of motherhood. Tula-Dil & Thistle are part of a matriarchal race of plant people known as the Garden. They are not mother and child but brother and sister. Tula-Dil will be the next great leader of the garden people folloed by her mother Ruba-Lentil. Note: These are just my first sculpts and not a first look at the new figures. -Ion

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